Rising Marketing Spends in D2C: Is there an affordable Solution?

But what affordable solutions are available to D2C brands? Fortunately, a solution is staring us in the face, and that’s the use of first-party data. Typically, conversion rates for customers visiting D2C websites are between 1-3%. However, what about the other 97-99% of customers who are not buying but are leaving critical clues on their likes/dislikes, browsing behavior, and interests?

Two key problems in adoption of first party tools through – the cost and the technical expertise required. No wonder, its a luxury reserved for large companies and VC funded brands. This is where we at Alme, aim to make a difference. Alme is a one click plugin which works out of the box and starts taking advantage of your data to show personalized collections and notifications to users, also gathering their contact informations for identity resolution.

It is also the most affordable solution in the market by a league. At just USD 0.003 per visitor or $300 for 100k visitors monthly, we guarantee to bump up your conversion by 20-25%. This is one-third the price of any competitor you will find, with half the feature sets we have. We have a more detailed competitor evaluation over here.