Smart Convert AI

SmartConvertAI enhances user interaction by offering personalized discounts and promotions based on user behavior.

Enable Sale Notifications:

Toggle to activate or deactivate automated sales notifications personalized based on user browsing patterns.
Discount Percentage for Coupons:
Set the percentage discount offered through the coupons to incentivize purchases.
Coupon Validity:
Defines the time frame in which the coupon is valid, helping to create urgency.

This is how your Coupon Code will be visible to users.

SmartConvertAI Statistics

Total Views:
Monitors how often the discount coupons are viewed.
Total Clicks:
Counts the number of times coupons are clicked.
Click Rate:
The ratio of clicks to views, indicating the attractiveness of the coupon offer.
Coupon Redemptions:
Total count of coupons redeemed, reflecting the success of the promotional efforts.