Our Story

Big Tech like Amazon, Netflix have many data scientists and engineers building the latest personalisation engines to help their conversion. 30%+ of Amazon sales is driven by recommendations. Alme is an endeavour to bring the latest advances in data science and analytics in an actionable, plug’n’play avtaar

The team behind Alme has worked in building analytics and data science for some of the largest data driven organizations. We have built systems to process millions of page visits, and draw insights which can help these companies understand the user better

Our team has experience in these companies – Myntra, Xiaomi.com and Tata Digital

D2C today is facing multiple challenges

  • Customer Acquisition Cost has shot through the roof, almost accounting for 50% of revenue
  • Channels of acquisition have become saturated
  • Selling on Amazon is risky as well. They don’t share any customer data and can increase commissions at whim
  • Influencers are also very expensive and their reach is suspect

The obvious answer is to increase conversions for users already coming to the website but the question is how. When we talked to multiple D2C brands, following are the trends around conversions and their implications

Tools in the market help design customer journeys and identify users likely to convert, however they require significant tech and digital experience. D2C brand owners i.e your expertise is in product and operations and you need a tool which does all conversion optimzation automatically for you

Hence the idea of Alme came up. Alme is a one-click plugin which builds up conversion through time tested methods and get the maximum bang for the buck for users already visiting your website. As a result, your customer acqusition cost will go down and you will do higher sales for the same marketing expense