Unlock the power of product collections

Any ecommerce site you visit, you can see custom product collections like ‘Similar products’, ‘Users also liked’, ‘Customers who bought this also bought’. These are called product collections or product racks and play a major role in boosting conversion.

Amazon has seen around 35% of its sales happen from product collections based on this report by McKinsey. Many research studies have linked having a good recommendation system as key to filling the gap between the consumer browsing to actually making the purchase

Product collections can be at multiple places on your website, however they find prominence at two places.

Product page – Typically related to the product being browsed. Eg. Amazon recommendations for Sapiens book

Category Page – Flipkart has some custom recommendations in its Fashion category

Home Page – Typically related to general user browsing E.g. Amazon nudges you to checkout your cart

Custom collections – One can also go beyond the typical categories and create specific genre based or psychographic categories. E.g. Myntra has style based collections

Adding these collections is not an end in itself. One needs to monitor the performance of these collections and ensure the right type of collection is shown to to the right user. This involves continuous learning based on what is working in helping drive the conversion

Good news is that all of this advanced technology is available to any brand by Alme as a plug and play solution. Just activate our plugin and you can simply configure the product collection at any place you want. At the backend we will be collecting user insights and show the right insights

Whats more, our neural engine actually keeps modifying the collection basis the conversion trends so you don’t need to worry whether the collection is working or not

Get in touch with us to know more about product collections and how we can help drive your conversion!